• Brilliance Teeth Whitening Package

    Introducing our Brilliance Package – the ideal choice for salon-based or mobile teeth whitening services. Elevate your offerings with advanced technology and convenience, perfect for delivering stunning results wherever…

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  • Cheek Retractors-Qty 10

    Introducing our Medium-Sized Cheek Retractors, available in a pack of 10. These retractors are meticulously designed to comfortably and effectively hold cheeks aside during dental or cosmetic procedures. Crafted…

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  • Sale!
    EMS Sculpting Machine- Body Sculpting
    Original price was: $12000.Current price is: $9000.

    Introducing the EMS-10 EMS Sculpt Muscle Building Machine Harnessing wide-surface radio frequency technology, our machine delivers high-intensity focused electromagnetic waves. This innovative approach simultaneously targets fat consumption and stimulates…

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  • Sale! Placeholder
    EMS Seat Cushion – Add On
    Original price was: $1899.Current price is: $1599.

    Introducing our revolutionary EMS Seat Cushion, the perfect add-on piece of equipment to complement your EMS Body Contouring machine. With each 30-minute session, you’ll benefit from an impressive 15,600…

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  • Glimmer Teeth Whitening Package

    For newcomers to the industry, our Glimmer package is an excellent choice. With just 10 treatments, this package will swiftly recoup your initial investment. Includes: 1 Chairside LED light…

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  • Ionic Foot Detox Package

    Features: – Two person unit can be used on 1 to 2 people at a time – Multifunctional – inferred belts and tens pads – 8 modes with time…

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  • Mini LED Teeth Whitening Light – Qty 5

    Introducing our Mini LED Light in White Standard, available in a pack of 5. Here’s why it stands out: High-quality LED mini light featuring 1 LED light bulb. Utilizes…

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  • Platinum Teeth Whitening Package

    Our Platinum Teeth Whitening Package is the ultimate solution for launching your business promptly. With two included LED whitening lights, it’s the top choice among salons and beauty professionals….

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  • Salon Teeth Whitening LED Light

    Introducing our Salon Teeth Whitening LED Light, the ultimate tool for achieving professional-grade teeth whitening results in the comfort of your own salon or spa. This sleek and modern…

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  • Sparkle Teeth Whitening Package

    Ideal for beginners or as an addition to your current services, this package offers a swift return on your investment. Perfect for those new to the industry, it covers…

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  • Table Top Led Teeth Whitening Lamp

    This unit is portable and a great space saver. The unit can be easily attached to a desk or table with the clamp. Technical: Input power: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz…

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  • Take home kit bags- Qty 20

    Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our white zip pouches are meticulously designed to serve as perfect additions to client take-home kits. These pouches not only meet the rigorous…

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